List Azure resources in Terraform project

Some Terraform projects can grow really big and I can be hard to keep track of which Azure resources are in use. Recently I found myself wanting to know which Azure resources our Terraform project use so that I could document them internally. It could also be helpful in case there has been some major changes to some resources in the azurerm Terraform provider that you want to check.

Quicktip: Send output to clipboard

Ever found yourself wanting to copy the output from a command to your clipboard without having to select it first? Or maybe copy the contents of a file, like a config file? In this short article we’re going to cover how to do that in Windows, MacOS and Linux with Powershell.

Powershell: Uploading files with multipart/form-data

By default, when you use the -InFile parameter of Invoke-RestMethod Powershell will send it as application/octet-stream. In this short article we’ll look at how to send that file with multipart/form-data instead which is what most forms on the web use.

Improving Your Powershell Profile (Windows)

For years I’ve been a fan of the linux bash, with easy support for ssh-keys, colorized directory listings and git info the prompt. But at the same time, I really love Powershell. I have finally found some usefull Powershell modules that has made me switch completly to Powershell in the terminal.

Getting started with Azure Functions

Azure Functions is one of Microsofts serverless services that you can setup in Azure. Being serverless means that you dont have to worry about the infrastructure and environment behind it and you will only pay for the capacity that you actually use when the function is running. Traditionally you would have a server that runs 24/7 and consume capacity. Very simplified, serverless will spin up and down as requests comes in. This means that you only have to focus on the code it should run.

Enable External Users to Book Meeting Rooms

From time to time you might need to share one or more of your meeting rooms with external users. In this posts we’re going through three options for how you can enable this. Other options do exists (like connecting an Office 365 tenant to another and so), but this post is meant for the time you need to give temporary access or only to one or more users.

Powershell: Extract Windows Spotlight images

A very nice feature of Windows 10 is Windows Spotlight who serves beautiful wallpapers on your lock screen every day. It’s a shame these beautiful images are hidden in a system folder somewhere in Windows, so today I’m going to show you how you can extract these images with Powershell. You could perfectly do this manually, but since these images change periodically (haven’t found any info on when) its much easier to just run a script. Personally I run this script as a scheduled job everyday.

ServiceNow: Sending notifications to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams support different Connections and one of the simpliest is “Incomming Webhook” which gives you a URL that you can POST to with a correctly configured JSON body and the result will be displayed in your specified channel. In this guide we’ll set this up and POST to it from Service-Now when an incident is created or updated.